Ghassan Abbasi
غسان عباسي


Ghassan Abbasi was born in the town of Al-Hoson in northern Jordan in 1967. At first he taught himself to play the oud, but in 1994 he met the Iraqi oud master Munir Bashir, who agreed to take him on as a student. After a year and a half, when Munir Bashir left for Europe, Ghassan moved to Baghdad to study with several other leading lights of Iraqi oud playing. He would later spend time in Jordan, Lebanon and the UAE, before moving to the United States where he currently resides. From 1998 until 2006 he assumed the name Ghassan Bashir, but he has now reverted to his original name of Ghassan Abbasi.

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Selected Recordings

Oriental Improvisation
(Perfect Production PP CD 532)

This CD contains a series of improvisations in various Arabic maqamat in the Iraqi style.

1. Bayati 8:12
2. Hijaz 11:42
3. Lami 3:54
4. Hijaz, Rast, Bayati 7:10
5. Kurd Sol 16:05
6. Ajam Sol 11:54

Night Dress
(Ghassan Abbasi)

This recording consists of a selection of Ghassan's compositions for solo oud.

1. A Journey in the Nahawand 9:56
2. A Mix of the East and the West 11:05
3. Tranquility 6:12
4. My Sofi 7:42
5. Tears of a Bride 8:07
6. Jonathan's Dance 2:42


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