Tarek Abdallah
طارق عبدالله


Tarek Abdallah was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1975. He received his first oud tuition from Hazem Shaheen, with whom he founded the group 'Eskenderella' in 2000. He went on to study with Naseer Shamma at the House of Oud in Cairo, graduating from there in 2005. At the same time he also studied oud with Egyptian master Abdo Dagher, singing with Said Chraibi and Persian music with Dariush Talai. In 2008 he received a Diploma in Musical Studies, specialising in oud, from the Ecole Nationale de Villeurbanne, France. He went on to obtain a Master's degree in musicology from the Université Lumière Lyon 2 the following year, and is currently studying for his Doctorate at the same institution, focusing on 'Virtuosity in the art of oud in the twentieth century'. Abdallah has taught at the House of Oud in Constantine, Algeria and the Sultanate of Oman, as well as at the Egyptian Cultural Centre in Paris. He has performed as a solo artist as well as with various Middle Eastern, jazz and classical musicians, and has also composed music for theatre and contemporary dance productions. He is currently based in Marseille, France.

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Selected Recordings

(Buda Records 4704634)

A traditional Egyptian wasla is a suite comprised of pieces of music based on a particular maqam and in a variety of rhythms and tempos. Tarek presents three such suites on this recording and is accompanied on percussion by Adel Shams El Din.

I. Wasla Bayyati
1. Ni Sama'i ni Qadim 3:29
2. Wasla 4:35
3. Prélude Shams 1:59
4. Taqasim Bayyati 3:44
5. Istihilal Bayyati 9:54
6. Walli Gai 8:34
II. Wasla Rast
7. Sama'i Rast 5:19
8. Khush-Rank 3:49
9. Prélude Madad 1:40
10. Taqasim Rast 4:07
11. Longa Rast 7:28
III. Wasla Sikah
12. Waslitna 5:46


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