Mohamed Abozekry
محمد أبوذكري


Mohamed Abozekry was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1991, and when he was ten years old his uncle introduced him to the oud. The following year he entered at the city's 'Beit al-Oud', where he studied with the Iraqi virtuoso Naseer Shamma. He graduated in 2007 at the age of just fifteen and began teaching at the institute, becoming the youngest professor of oud in the Arab world. Soon afterwards he met the guitarist Guillaume Hogan during a concert in Cairo, and it was his influence that led Abozekry to continue his musical studies in France. In 2009 he won first prize at the International Oud Competition in Damascus, Syria and the same year he enrolled at the University of Lyon II in France. He began to explore other musical genres such as jazz and blues, which soon led to the formation of the group Heejaz with several like-minded musicians. They have performed in France, South America, Pakistan and the Middle East and recorded their debut album 'Chaos' in 2013.

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Selected Recordings

Chaos (with Heejaz)

This recording by the Heejaz quartet blends Arab music with flamenco, jazz and blues, and features Guillaume Hogan on guitar, Hugo Reydet on double bass and Anne-Laure Bourget on percussion. A bonus track, '25 Janvier', is available via SoundCloud.

1. Sirocco 9:16
2. Un Moment de Solitude 12:04
3. Safari 9:41
4. Set El Kol 6:50
5. Chaos 13:55
6. Sur la Route 6:04
7. Couleurs 9:31

Ring Road (with Heejaz Extended)
(Jazz Village JV 570044)

With a jazzier feel than the previous album, this CD features 'Heejaz Extended', where Abozekry, Reydet and Bourget are joined by Benoît Baud on saxophone and Ludovic Yapaudjian on piano.

1. Transit 11:46
2. Messages 10:03
3. Poisson Rouge 11:13
4. Ring Road 12:41
5. Sérague 5:29
6. Sabir 10:09
7. African Salad 13:01
8. La Nuit à Santa Cruz 6:47

(Jazz Village JV 570124)

This album sees Abozekry return to his Egyptian roots, taking classical forms, Sufi dervish music and folk tunes, and approaching them from a jazz perspective.

1. Retour 5:30
2. Samai Rast 8:41
3. Ala El Felouka 10:33
4. Fi Hadrette Sinai 8:06
5. Isis 6:27
6. El Sakia 7:45
7. Karkadé 9:19
8. Le vin mystique 7:08


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