George Abyad
جورج أبيض


George Abyad was born in 1925 in the city of Haifa, which at that time was part of the state of Palestine. He was introduced to the oud by his father, himself an accomplished musician, and also studied qanun with Mohammed Souissi and violin with Sami El Shawa and Toufiq Sabbagh. At some stage he moved to Lebanon, where he established a career as a composer and member of numerous Arab orchestras, accompanying famous singers such as Farid El Atrache, Wadih El Safi and Fairouz. In the 1990s he also collaborated with the violinist Nida Abou Mrad. A shy and modest man, George Abyad always shunned the limelight and remains little known outside Lebanon. He passed away in 1997.


Selected Recordings

Taksims Oud
(Voix de l'Orient VDL CD 634)

This CD presents an excellent series of taqasim on some of the fundamental Arab maqamat. The CD notes show the notes of each maqam used. He is also accompanied by percussion on a number of the tracks.

1. Rast 8:19
2. Bayati 7:40
3. Houzam 6:39
4. Hijaz 8:44
5. Nahawand 8:33
6. Shat Arabân 8:35
7. Nakriz 8:09


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