Moufadhel Adhoum
مفضل عظوم


Moufadhel Adhoum was born in 1965 in the old town of Tunis, Tunisia. He was introduced to the oud at the age of twelve by the famous Tunisian musician Abderrahmane El Mehdi, and went on to study at the Conservatoire National de Tunis and then the Conservatoire de Musique Tradionnelle Arabe. He founded several ensembles, worked as a recording studio sound manager and also organised several major festivals in Tunisia. In 1989 he moved to Belgium to study interior design, and soon became immersed in the world music scene, founding the quartet Shahnez featuring flamenco guitarist Marquito Velez and the Tunesian singer Ghalia Benali. Later he began studying the classical guitar Académie de Musique in Ghent and created a new group with vocalist Christine Termonia to perform medieval songs. Adhoum currently teaches oud at several different institutions in Belgium and is a member of the world/jazz ensemble Hijaz, with which he has made several recordings.

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