Fawzy Al-Aiedy
فوزي العائدي


Fawzy Al-Aiedy was born in 1950 in the Iraqi city of Basra. He began to singing and playing violin at the age of 14, and soon began to make plans to study music overseas. However, this dream was thwarted when al-Aiedy found himself drafted into the Iraqi army, although he was able to find a position in the military's music division. When he was finally allowed to travel overseas in 1971 he settled in France, where he began to learn the oboe. Al-Aiedy's first album, 'Silence', appeared on vinyl in 1975, but it was his CD 'Oud Aljazira' that established his reputation as one of Iraq's finest oud players. Al-Aiedy often incorporates elements of jazz into his music, and he has also made a number of recordings aimed specifically at children. He gives concerts regularly in France and further afield, both as a solo performer and as part of an ensemble.

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Selected Recordings

(Le Chant du Monde LDX 74591)

Fawzy Al-Aiedy's first recording, released as an LP in 1975 and featuring orignal compositions for vocals and solo oud.

1. Instrumental sur le maqam nahawand 3:08
2. Silence 3:32
3. Composition 2:57
4. Ma vie est un nuage éphémère 2:49
5. Demain, la recontre 1:43
6. Je m'en vais rêver 3:16
7. Lettre 1:55
8. Pluie 2:46
9. L'homme 3:06
10. Mouvement intérieur 3:23

Oud Aljazira
(Buda Musique 92750-2)

The music is based on Arab maqamat and is accompanied by vocals (from al-Aiedy), drums and tambourine. The pieces are traditional melodies from Iraq, Tunisia and Andalusia, and the booklet accompanying the CD contains lyrics in Arabic, French and English.

1. Nahawend 8:20
2. Touli 5:15
3. Oud Aljazira 4:32
4. Shammoussa 3:44
5. Rast 6:43
6. Hidjaz Kar 3:45
7. Hallaj 2:52
8. Gharib 4:05
9. Nassiriyah 3:50
10. Milad 4:01
11. Chamelier 2:31
12. Dialogue de Sourds 2:59
13. Bayati 11:49


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