Larbi Akrim
العربي أكريم


Larbi Akrim was born in Tangiers, Morocco and is a Professor of Lute at the Tangiers Conservatory. He is also first lutenist in the Conservatory's Andalusian Orchestra and in 1995 he began to accompany vocalist Mohamed El Arabí Serghini. More recently he has become involved with the Orchestra of Tangier, a group of eight musicians and singers directed by Sheikh Ahmed Zaitouni and dedicated to keeping Andalusian music alive.


Selected Recordings

La Belleza Contemplada
(Pneuma PN 260)

A collection of Andalusian music performed on the oud with occasional vocal and percussion accompaniment. The pieces are divided according to mode, and each 'suite' features an instrumental introduction, often followed by a twishya and then concluded by either a sana' or muwwal.

1. Rasd d-dail - Mshalia 2:33
2. Rasd d-dail - Twishya de la núba 1:38
3. Rasd d-dail - Muwwal "My eyes contemplate nothing but your beauty" 10:09
4. Nahawand - Taqsim 5:52
5. Nahawand - Sana' Qá'im wa-nisf 3:01
6. Zirga - Taqsim 5:21
7. Zirga - Muwwal "Walk tall! You deserve it!" 2:05
8. Hidyaz - Taqsim 5:57
9. Hidyaz - Twishya Qá'im wa-nisf 3:10
10. Hidyaz - Sana' Qá'im wa-nisf 3:05
11. Istihlal - Taqsim 6:46
12. Istihlal - Twishya Quddám 3:34
13. Istihlal - Sana' Quddám "Time generously gave me" 2:09


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