Safwat Mohammed Ali
صفوت محمد علي


Safwat Mohammed Ali was born in 1946 in Mosul, Iraq, and is a graduate of the Music Institute in Baghdad. He has taught at the School of Music and Ballet in Baghdad and has given numerous concerts with Iraqi maqam singers.


Selected Recordings

Iraqi Music - Ud Taqsim and Pasta
(King Record Co. KICC 5103)

This CD consists of three taqasim for solo oud followed by four pieces in the pasta form, where Safwat Mohammed Ali accompanies vocalist Ahmed Nima Kamel. Pasta is a type of vocal solo based on a particular maqam and iqa'.

1. Taqsim on Segah-Mode 9:05
2. Taqsim on Rast-Mode 6:18
3. Taqsim on Kurd-Mode 8:25
4. A Glass of Happiness 6:10
5. Wash Your Heart With Wine 5:43
6. My Heart Promised Me... 2:17
7. A Girl With Brown Complexion 5:05


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