Roupen Altiparmakian


Roupen Altiparmakian was born in Adana, Western Anatolia. When he was a child his family moved to Athens, Greece, where his father bought him a violin when he was eight years old. His formal study of music at the Conservatory of Athens was interrupted by World War II, but the young Roupen escaped to the mountain villages of Greece, where he earnt a living by playing the violin. His fame spread, and he began to play with many well-known Greek musicians and even appeared in a number of films with his violin. In 1962, he moved to New York, where his career really took off. He performed with many of the great Armenian, Greek and Turkish singers of the day, and recorded his first album Armenian Love Songs in 1965.


Selected Recordings

Oud Taxims - The Lost Treasures
(Alti Music RA 3000)

This is a digitally remastered collection of oud improvistaions, recorded by the great Armenian master at home on reel-to-reel tapes and cassettes.

1. Nihavent 2:20
2. Hijaz 4:37
3. Rast 5:20
4. Hijazkar 6:18
5. Neva Ushak 5:26
6. Rast 5:11
7. Nihavent 6:34
8. Hijazkar 4:34
9. Ushak 6:01
10. Huzzam 5:06
11. Ushak - violin 6:39


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