Kamel Aouissi
كمال عويسي


Kamel Aouissi was born in Algiers, Algeria in 1966 and was introduced to music from childhood. At the age of twelve he enrolled at the city's conservatory of music and in 1981 he joined the classical music group known as "Founoun Ziryab", followed by the group "Es Soundoussia" in 1987. In that year and the next he won first prize at the "Festival National de Musique Arabo-Andalouse d'Alger".


Selected Recordings

Le Luth Andalou
(Edenways EDE 700)

On this CD of oud and percussion, Aouissi presents a series of Arabo-Andalusian compositions known as istikhbar, each of which is in a particular mode (tab').

1. Istikhbar Djarka 6:44
2. Istikhbar Raml el Maya 6:29
3. Istikhbar Zidane 10:54
4. Istikhbar Gh'rib Arak 6:44
5. Istikhbar Sika 7:55
6. Istikhbar Mazmoum 8:13
7. Istikhbar Moual 11:29


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