Antonis Apergis
Αντώνης Απέργης


Antonis Apergis was born in 1963 in Nikea, Piraeus, Greece. He began to play the classical guitar before starting school, and went on to take lessons with Alekos Bouras at the National Conservatory, but it was not until the age of 20 that he took up the oud. His first recording was the solo oud CD 'Outi' with Haig Yazdjian, but later albums featured vocals and other instruments; he is also known for his innovative use of the fretless guitar. Apergis has collaborated with many of Greece’s most prominent singers and musicians, as well as Arab musicians, the Ashkabad ensemble from Turkmenistan and with the salsa group Tierra Negra. He has also taught at a number of music schools in Greece.

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Selected Recordings


An album of Greek instrumental pieces featuring oud and percussion, part of the 'History of Greek Music' series of CDs.

1. Salvari 2:21
2. Aptaliko Mutilinis 5:50
3. Debreli Hasan 3:25
4. Tsakitzis 5:24
5. Ta Mallakia Sou 2:19
6. Pelagio 4:33
7. Taksimi I 5:31
8. Palios Karsilamas 4:26
9. Aman Aman 3:18
10. Hitzaz Ntolap 3:30
11. Min Orkizesai Bre Pseutra 4:01
12. Stin Ponemeni Mou Kardia 2:50
13. Nuxtes 3:49
14. Ola T'armena 2:15
15. Adana 3:16
16. Ws Kai Ta Parathuria Sou 5:08
17. Taksimi II 3:42
18. Den Paw Pia Sto Galata 3:41

Outi (with Haig Yazdjian)
(FM Records FM 684)

This CD is volume 7 of the 'Greek Folk Instruments' series, and around half the tracks (nos. 10-14) are performed by Antonis Apergis and half by Haig Yazdjian. Aspergis has arranged the pieces from traditional melodies.

1. Taxim Nihavend 2:21
2. Nihavend longa (Giorgos Batzianos) 2:57
3. Taxim in different modes 13:22
4. Woman from Smyrna 3:59
5. Taxim Segiah 3:31
6. Taxim Rast 3:47
7. Rast longa (Giorgos Batzianos) 2:12
8. Taxim Ussak 3:10
9. In the Mevla khane in Constantinople (Agapios Tomboulis) 3:07
10. Konstantakis 4:24
11. Firewalkers' dance 3:50
12. Woman from Kordelio 2:57
13. Karsilamas Hidjaz 4:09
14. Dance of Iconium 3:32


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