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Enver Mete Aslan was born in İzmit, Turkey in 1979 and went on to study oud at the Izmit Municipal Conservatory and Ege University's State Turkish Music Conservatory. This was followed by studies at the ITU Turkish Music Conservatory in Istanbul, where he studied with Mehmet Bitmez and Mutlu Torun among others. In 2000 he returned to Izmit to take up a teaching post at the Municipal Conservatory there. As well as giving regular concerts, Alsan recorded his first CD and also produced stage and film music. He has since performed in many European countries and has worked with the Ayangil Turkish Music Orchestra and Chorus, the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. He also teaches at Haliç University in Istanbul and has published a book of oud exercices entitled 'Ud Alıştırmaları - Teknik Çalışmalar'.


Selected Recordings

Musical Heritage of Ottoman Turkey - Ud
(Sevval Muzik)

This CD is part of an ongoing series of recordings of Turkish classical music and features a series of improvisations and compositions on solo oud. It is available from

1. Mahur Taksim 3:22
2. Mahur Peşrev (Tamburi Cemil Bey) 8:11
3. Muhayyer Kürdi Taksim 3:02
4. Muhayyer Taksim 2:50
5. Muhayyer Saz Semaisi (Tamburi Cemil Bey) 5:32
6. Kürdili Hicazkar Taksim 2:30
7. Kürdili Hicazkar Peşrev (Vasilakis) 4:19
8. Buselik Taksim 2:44
9. Buselik Peşrev (Kemençeci Nikolaki) 4:22
10. Suzinak Taksim 2:56
11. Suzinak Peşrev (Tatyos Efendi) 4:38
12. Nikriz Taksim 2:24
13. Nikriz Saz Semaisi (Refik Fersan) 5:06
14. Şehnaz Taksim 1:56
15. Şehnaz Longa (Santuri Ethem Efendi) 2:26
16. Ud İle Doğaçlama 5:48


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