Elias Bachoura
إلياس باشورة


Elias Bachoura was born in 1974 in Al-Thawrah, northern Syria. Both his father and uncle played the oud, so he took up the instrument at an early age and would often accompany local musicians. In 1993 he went Damascus to study music theory and oud with Mahmoud Ismail, and the following year he entered the Damascus Conservatory, where his oud teacher was the Azeri musician Askar Alakbarov. In 1996 he also met Munir Bashir, when he gave a workshop at the Conservatory, and this had a major influence on his style of playing. After graduating in 2000 he went to Aleppo for a year to teach oud at the city's Institute of Music, before travelling to Belgium to study composition, orchestration and contemporary Western music at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels. Bachoura has lived in Belgium ever since, and currently teaches oud at the Muziepublique in Brussels. He performs with a variety of ensembles, including Trio Qadmoyo with Belgian oud players Tristan Driessens and Mathieu Dupont.



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