Murat Bağdatlı


Murat Bağdatlı was born in Bartın, Turkey in 1975. He was introduced to the oud by his father, Rıfat Bağdatlı, a music teacher, before joining the Bartın Music Society under Gültekin Aydoğdu. He became a qualified instructor in 1991 and the following year gave a number of concerts with the Society in Germany and the Netherlands. In 1993 he went to Istanbul, where he took oud lessons with Mehmet Emin Bitmez and Mutlu Torun and also performed in the Kadıköy Music Society. He entered the Eğe University State Turkish Music Conservatory in 1996, and alongside vocal training and tanbur lessons he continued his oud studies. After graduating in 2001 he continued giving concerts and later was appointed as an instructor at the State Conservatory of Fırat University in Elazığ. In 2007 he became a staff member of the Elazığ State Classical Turkish Music Ensemble, where he remains to this day.


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