Bekir Şahin Baloğlu


Bekir Şahin Baloğlu was born in Kayseri, Turkey, and when he was a child his father taught him to play the bağlama. In 1997 he began to study music theory and oud with İsmail Ediz, and also took oud lessons with Ali Atay and Tolga Özdemir. Two years later he entered the Kayseri Conservatory, where he gave regular concert performances and also presented weekly music programs for local TV broadcasting companies. In 2003 he was accepted into the Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory of Turkish Music, where he received oud lessons from Mehmet Bitmez and Osman Nuri Özpekel. At the same time he also started to take private oud lessons with Yurdal Tokcan. The following year he formed the oud trio 3DEM together with Sami Dural and Bilen Işıktaş, but also performed as a solo artist and with various orchestras. He is currently a member of the Bezmârâ Ensemble, which specialises in the interpretation of early Ottoman classical music.



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