Ahmad Barakat
أحمد بركات


Ahmad Barakat was born in Jordan in 1983 and began learning the oud at the age of sixteen, taking private lessons with Mohammed Alawneh at first, and later attending the Jordan Academy of Music. He also studied engineering at the University of Jordan in Amman, graduating in 2007, and currently works as a civil engineer. He has performed with a number of ensembles in Jordan, including Zaman Al Zaatar, and is currently launching a new group known as Barakat and the Professional Society.




Selected Recordings

Al Khubz (with Zaman Al Zaatar)

This album, which features Ahmad Barakat on oud, accompanied by violin, bass and percussion, is available for free download on the group's website.

1. Alwisal 6:16
2. Raje3 4:10
3. Karamat 4:44
4. Al Khubz 7:06
5. Barada 4:42
6. Ya Asmarani 4:01
7. Um Aldunya 5:42
8. Sama3i Ihsan (Nawa Athar) 5:30
9. Alsa7rawi 5:09


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