Adnan Baraké
عدنان بركة


Adnan Baraké (formerly known as Adnaan Baraky) was born in Swaida in the south of Syria in 1977. He began to teach himself the oud at the age of fourteen, and when he later moved to Damascus to study civil engineering, he also took oud lessons there with Fayez Zahreddin for four years. He eventually decided to abandon his engineering studies and embarked on a career as a musician, securing a place at the prestigious Syrian High Institute of Music. There he studied both Western and Oriental classical music, and his oud teachers were Askar Ali Akbar from Azerbaijan and Saamer Oraby from Syria. He also began to give concerts, both as a solo oud player and with various orchestras, including the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra. After graduating in 2008, Adnan moved to Adelaide, Australia, where he continues to perform and record.

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Selected Recordings


Adnan's first CD features his own compositions performed on solo oud.

1. Intro 0:31
2. Forgotten Dreams 7:46
3. Lawha 5:15
4. Dinaan 4:13
5. Melodies from the Other Side 4:22
6. Ya Balady (Oh, my home) 8:35
7. Portrait of Love 6:59
8. Finale 0:42

Syrian Orpheus

This CD features a series of compoisitions inspired by the conflict in Syria.

1. Freedom 0:42
2. Houran 8:06
3. Dinaan 12 4:57
4. Adiya 6:01
5. Dance of the Martyr's Grandmother 5:47
6. Madad 7:39
7. Barada 7:34
8. Doves of Peace 12:07
9. Prayer 1:01


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