Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian


Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian was born in 1950 into an Armenian family living in Watertown, Massachusetts (USA) and began playing the oud as a child. He was strongly influenced by George Mgrdichian and Richard Hagopian, and went on to study music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 1977 he began to study Ottoman classical music under Kanun master Esber Koprucu, and later went on to explore Arabic and Persian music, adding several other instruments to his repertoire. Alan Bardezbanian sadly passed away in November 2006 at the age of just 56.


Selected Recordings

Oud Masterpieces from Armenia, Turkey and the Middle East
(ARC Music EUCD 2085)

This CD contains a selection of traditional Armenian pieces, Alan's own compositions and other works from across the Middle East performed on oud, accordion, violin, clarinet, percussion and guitar.

1. Anatolian Memories (Hepsi Yolandir) 5:03
2. Voch Me Dzaleeg 3:08
3. Zapion Sirto & Ormorfa Koritsa 4:18
4. Seerdus Vera 4:32
5. Hyegagan Bar 1:50
6. Sfikas Tsamiko 6:41
7. Sevan Tsgnorsner 2:50
8. Hicazkar Sirto 3:54
9. Sev Orer 3:24
10. Aleko's Kalamatiano 4:01
11. Suzie and Sozie's Dance 1:32
12. Karoun, Karoun / Nooneh 4:45
13. Sparmasetta 2:09
14. Sedi Donka 4:08
15. Yeraz 3:04
16. Tsamiko Reprise 1:57
17. Tamzara 4:25
18. Shet Turkish Peshrev 6:00
19. Raqs al-Humayun 4:42


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