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Münir Nurettin Beken was born in Istanbul in 1964, and was named after the famous Turkish singer and composer Münir Nurettin Selçuk. He joined the State Conservatory of Istanbul at the age of 11, and studied oud with the great teacher Mutlu Torun, author of one of the best-known oud methods. After graduating in 1986, he spent three conducting the Conservatory Orchestra and also recorded many television programs for TRT, the Turkish state radio and television network. He was also among the founding members of the State Turkish Music Ensemble. Beken earned his Master's degree from the Conservatory in 1988 and the following year he transferred to the University of Maryland to study for a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology, which he was awarded in 1998. In the meantime he gave numerous recitals in the USA and was appointed as executive director of the Center for Turkish Music at the University in 1994. Dr. Beken is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ethnomusicology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).


Selected Recordings

The Art of the Turkish Ud
(Rounder CD 1135)

The selection on this CD spans the history of Turkish classical music, from the 14th century to the present day. The notes which accompany the CD are excellent, and include information such as the makam and usûl of each piece, as well as a general history of the oud.

1. Makam Rast Karçe ("Amed nesimi subhu dem") 1:47
2. Makam Uşşak Fihrist Taksimi 3:19
3. Makam Uşşak Peşrev 3:39
4. Makam Suzidil Taksim 2:28
5. Makam Suzidil Peşrev 3:59
6. Makam Şedaraban Taksim 1:58
7. Makam Şedaraban Saz Semaisi 5:10
8. Makam Karcığar Köçekçeler 7:53
9. Makam Hüseyni "Çeçen Kızı" 4:12
10. Makam Ferahfeza Son Peşrev/Son Yürük Semai 3:09
11. Makam Ferahfeza Taksim 3:43
12. Makam Ferahfeza "Kapris (Caprice)" 2:26
13. Makam Karcığar "Ege de yağmur sevinci (The joy of rain in the Aegean)" 2:25
14. "Susamurunun aşkı (Otter love [sic])" 8:56
15. Makam Hüseyni Taksim 1:28
16. Makam Hüseyni "Düğün Evinde (The Wedding House)" 2:36
17. "Fantaisie" 4:32
18. "Konser Etüdü" 2:37
19. "Kervan" 2:23

A Meeting Place (with August Denhard)
(Sono Luminus DSL-92133)

Beken joins with lutenist August Denhard to present a selection of Medieval and Renaissance music for lute and oud.

1. Greensleeves (Anonymous) 2:12
2. Piva (Joanambrosio Dalza) 2:33
3. Estampie Fragment (Anonymous) 1:39
4. Recercada I (Diego Ortiz) 3:23
5. Nota I (Anonymous) 1:35
6. Estampie (Anonymous) 3:36
7. Estampie IV (Anonymous) 3:12
8. Lamento da Tristano, Rotta (Anonymous)2:45
9. Spagna for two lutes (Francesco Canova da Milano) 2:10
10. Aspire refus contre doulce priere (Jacopo da Bologna) 4:17
11. Notas II and III (Anonymous) 2:12
12. La Manfredina Estampie (Anonymous) 1:06
13. Douce Dame Jolie (Guillaume de Machaut) 3:32
14. Belle Fiore Dansa (Anonymous) 2:36
15. Untitled (Anonymous) 1:35
16. Un fiore gentile m'apparse (Antonio Zacara da Teramo) 2:08
17. Calata ala Spagnola (Joanambrosio Dalza) 1:59
18. Saltarello (Anonymous) 1:29
19. Buselik Saz Semaisi (Mutlu Torun) 6:16


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