Seif Bennia
سيف بن نية


Ahmed Seifeddine (Seif) Bennia was born in Tunisia in 1988. He began learning the oud at the age of five with Mohamed Mouldi Touati, and when he was nine years old he joined the Conservatory at Hammam-Lif, furthering his oud studies with Wiaam Hsouna and Foued Rafrafi. After graduating in 2003 he joined the 'Ziryab' Conservatory at Mégrine, where he took oud Lessons with Khaled Bess. In 2005 he won a national competition for oud players. Bennia has also studied with the great Turkish oud masters Necati Çelik, Mehmet Bitmez and Yurdal Tokcan. He has participated in several international music festivals, both as a solo performer and with his jazz band.

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