Khaled Ben Yahia
خالد بن يحيى


Khaled Ben Yahia was born in Tunis, Tunisia in 1963 and was introduced to music by his father. He went on to study music at the Conservatory in Tunis, graduating in 1987. To further his musical studies he then left Tunisia for France, where he entered the Conservatiore de Lyon. In 2003 he released his first recording 'Wissal' for solo oud, and was soon performing with several jazz groups. This opened the way to a number of different collaborations, including work with the Indian sitar player Ashok Pathak as well as Mevlevi sufi musicians from Tunisia and Turkey. Ben Yahia's main influences include the Egyptian musicians Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Riad Al Sunbati and Mohamed El Qasabgi, and the Iraqi oudist Munir Bashir.



Selected Recordings


Khaled Ben Yahia's debut recording features compositions for solo oud that are influenced by the Iraqi style of Munir Bashir.

1. Le Retour 6:44
2. Tunis/Le Caire 6:38
3. Moudaâba 6:32
4. Wissal 7:54
5. Taksim Nahawand 9:11
6. Taksim Hidjaz Kar 5:57
7. Fantasque 7:05


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