Negâr Boubân
نگار بوبان


Negâr Boubân was born in Tehran, Iran in 1973. She obtained an MA degree in architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, focusing on the acoustic design of rehearsal venues for Persian music. She studied oud and Persian radif with the well-known oud master Mansour Nariman, assisting him in notating and editing his two books for oud players. Boubân has taught oud and Persian music for ten years, and currently works as an oud teacher at the Tehran Conservatory of Music as well as giving online oud lessons. She has also pursued a research career, undertaking a PhD in Persian music theory under the supervision of Hossein Alizadeh - her thesis is concerned with a comparative study of rhythm in Iranian music and Persian language. She has also studied music treatises from the 10th to 16th together with researcher Khosro Moulana. Boubân has released several CDs, both as solo oud/vocals and in collaboration with guitarist Salim Ghazi Saeedi, and has also given a number of performances in the United States. She plays an oud built by Iranian oud maker Mohammad Taghee Arafati.

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Selected Recordings

(Mahriz MR 14)

Aa solo oud album of eight pieces of improvised music, based on pre-composed melodies.

1. Irréversible (Bi Bargasht) 8:53
2. Fée (Parizad) 4:41
3. Aurore (Pegah) 9:04
4. Renversé (Vajegoun) 8:02
5. Gouffre (Gharghaab) 8:53
6. Fuite (Farar) 3:52
7. Indicible (Nagoftani) 6:42
8. Retour (Bazgasht) 8:32


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