Anouar Brahem
أنور ابراهم


Anouar Brahem was born in Halfaouine, Tunis in 1957. He began playing the oud at the age of 10 at the Tunis National Conservatory of Music, where he studied with the oud master Ali Sriti, and later graduated with a Diploma in Arab Music. By the age of 15 he was playing with local orchestras and continued his lessons with Sriti. He soon began to write his own music and produced a cassette with percussionist Lassaad Hosni. In 1981, he left for Paris, where he spent four years, before returning to Tunis in 1985 to perform at the Carthage festival. In 1987, Brahem was appointed director of the Musical Ensemble of Tunis, where he remained until 1990. In that same year he released his debut CD, 'Barzakh', which was followed by a regular stream of albums that became increasingly influenced by jazz.

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Selected Recordings

(ECM Records ECM 1432)

This is Anouar Brahem's first album and he draws on a wide variety of styles in his compositions, including Spanish and French influences. He is accompanied by violin and percussion.

1. Raf Raf 3:33
2. Barzakh 11:02
3. Sadir 6:32
4. Ronda 3:07
5. Hou 1:33
6. Sarandib 2:48
7. Souga 2:07
8. Parfum De Gitane 4:16
9. Bou Naouara 2:22
10. Kerkenah 7:30
11. La Nuit Des Yeux 5:29
12. Le Belvédère Assiége 4:14
13. Qaf 1:43


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