Bûselik makamı

Outline of makam

There are two forms of Bûselik makamı which may be encountered, one of which uses a Hicaz tetrachord including G sharp (nim şehnaz) in the upper part of the scale, and the other a Kürdî tetrachord including G (gerdaniye) - note, however, that the leading tone is always G sharp (nim zirgüle). Often the Hicaz tetrachord will be used in ascending and the Kürdî tetrachord in descending.
Bûselik makamı (form 1)

Bûselik makamı (form 2)

If the scale is extended beyond the octave the following structures are used:

A Nikriz pentachord can also be used in the descending part of the scale:

Fingering diagram

The locations of the notes of Bûselik makamı on the oud are shown in the diagram below. The full two octaves are presented, with the red ovals indicating the optional G (gerdaniye) mentioned above. A key to all the symbols in the diagram can be found here.



The following diagram shows the optional Nikriz pentachord:



Suggested recordings

The following CDs include pieces in Bûselik makamı:


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