Asim Al-Chalabi
عاصم الجلبي


Asim Al-Chalabi was born in Baghdad, Iraq, where he started to play the oud at the age of ten. Since 1980 he has been living in Vienna, Austria, where he studied musical education for the cello and the piano. His debut solo oud CD, 'Monajat', was released in 2003 and since then he has been giving regular concerts in Austria and other European countries. Al-Chalabi is currently working as an oud teacher in Vienna, giving lessons on a private basis and at various institutions.


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Selected Recordings

(Maqam MQM 1104)

This recording continues the tradition of the Baghdad school of Sherif Muheddin Haydar, and is a mixture of original compositions and improvisations.

1. Taqasim Nahawand 6:45
2. Romance 12:27
3. Taqasim Hijaz-kar 13:28
4. Taqasim Rast - al-Baghdadiyat 8:40
5. Miniature 12:49
6. In Vienna 6:49


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