Said Chraibi
سعيد الشرايبي


Said Chraibi was born in 1951 in Marrakech, Morocco, but was raised in the city of Fez. He began playing the oud at the age of 13 and went on to study Andalusian music at university. He subsequently toured widely throughout North Africa and the Middle East and in 1986, at the age of thirty-five, he won a prestigious prize at a competition in Iraq. However, it was not until his appearances at the Festival of Sacred Music in Fez that his music reached an international audience. Chraibi has been one of the key players in a revival of the traditions of Arab-Andalusian music in Morocco, and he continues to promote this heritage while also incorporating elements of Turkish, Iraqi and Persian music into his playing.




Selected Recordings

Said Chraibi
(Cinq Planetes CP 10196)

This album from from the Moroccan oud virtuoso features a mixture of Chraibi's own compositions and extended taqasim, drawing on a variety of styles. He is accompanied on several tracks by renowned percussionist Adel Shams el-Din on the riqq.

1. Souleimane 6:14
2. Taksim sur le Makam Awjara 5:54
3. Samaï Awjara Ghouzoud 7:35
4. Taksim sur le Makam Hijaz Kar Kurdi 11:29
5. Pensées Andalouses 5:23
6. Likaa 5:08
7. Taksim sur le Makam Raast Banjikah 14:33
8. Ya Ommou Abaya 3:49
9. Longa Nakryse 1:26
10. Nouzha (Promenade) 2:38
11. Improvisation autour de Souleimane 8:35

Holm bi Fes
(Al Sur ALCD 226)

This is an extended, album-length suite for oud and strings and was premiered at the Festival of Sacred Music in Fez, Morocco in 1996.

1. Souks de Fès mode Raml el Maya, rhythme goubahi (5/4) 7:20
2. Taksim (Improvisation) dans le maquam mohayar 5:10
3. Mystique: Pièce en rythme 14/8, maquam mohayar 4:14
4. Holm bi Fès (Rêves de Fès): "T'baa hijaz kabir" en rythme 4/4 3:13
5. Taksim dans le maquam hijaz 4:25
6. Variations sur "Holm bi Fès" 4:23
7. "Abouabs Fès" (Portes de Fes): "T'baa hijaz kabir" Insiraf B'tayhi en 8/4 3:17
8. Semaï Attâ'yr 10:00
9. Caprices de Fès: "T'baa gharibat al hoceine" au rythme Derj 4/4 7:01
10. Taksim dans le maquam mahour 12:17

La clef de Grenade/The Key to Granada
(Institut du Monde Arabe 321038)

This is a series of compositions and improvisations influenced by the music of Andalusia, although the paticular maqamat chosen for these pieces are of both Arabic and Turkish origin. Chraibi is accompanied by Jamal Rioui on percussion for this recording.

1. Andaloussiyyat 13:02
  a) Khayâlât fi Qalbî (Silhouettes in my heart) maqam raml el maya
  b) The Key to Granada maqam hijaz kabir
  c) Arab-Andalusian lute maqam hijaz kabir
2. Al-'Ashiq (The Lover) maqam ushaq 6:23
3. Musical embroidery maqam tarz nawin 11:30
4. Fadèla maqam tarz nawin 11:22
5. Tribute to my master maqam nahawand 4:42
6. Chaama maqam nahawand 4:25
7. Longa Hajar maqam choukfaza 9:16

Taquassim Aoud
(Editions Marsam/Ouhmane)

Originally released in 1991, this seems to have been re-released in 2002 to accompany a book called "Said Chraibi: Le Plectre d'Or" and may also have appeared separately on the Ouhmane label.

1. Maquam Hosseini Al Ochairan 5:50
2. Maquam Al Mahor 5:39
3. Nouzha (Ballade) 2:28
4. Longua Nakryse 1:20
5. Maquam Isphahan 5:23
6. Maquam Banjikah 6:25
7. Maquam Nahawand 4:38
9. Maquam Awaj Ara 5:37
10. Maquam Raast 6:29
11. Samai Raast (avec Orchestre) 6:25

La clé de Grenade 2/The Key to Granada 2
(Editions Marsam)

On this CD, which was produced to accompany a booklet entitled 'La clé de Grenade', Said Chraibi is accompanied by the 'Oud Al-Hamra' quartet.

1. Nidaâ Gharnata 3:55
2. Bayram Al-Hayat 11:29
3. Mad wa Jazr 1 3:54
4. Insiraf Qoddam Nahawand 5:56
5. Twichyat Hamza 6:35
6. Charib Al-Hobb 5:51
7. Angham Gharnata 7:04
8. Fajr Gharnata 2:44
9. Chorouq 11:52
10. Mad wa Jazr 2 3:25


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