Muhammad Qadri Dalal
محمد قدري دلال


Muhammad Qadri Dalal was born in Aleppo, northern Syria, in 1946. From the age of three he began to accompany his father, Sheikh Qadri al-Sandjekdar, to Sufi zikr ceremonies. He was also regularly exposed to Arab classical music and Aleppan folk music, so it was a natural choice for him to become a musician. He studied oud with Bakri al-Kurdi and Nadim Ali al-Darwish, as well as the violin and Western music theory. Alongside his musical studies he also obtained a Master's degree in Arabic literature from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. From 1966 to 1971 he worked as a musician on Syrian television, followed by a spell as an oud teacher at the Casablanca National Conservatory in Morocco. This gave him a chance to study Arabo-Andalucian music with Hajj Idriss Benjellun. Dalal subsequently returned to Aleppo to teach and perform, but he has also toured internationally, most notably with the Al-Kindi Ensemble. He is also the author of a number of books on Arab music, including an oud method, and is a prolific composer of instrumental and vocal pieces.

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Selected Recordings

Alep Syrie
(Orstom Selaf CETO 808)

An LP vinyl recording from 1985 featuring a selection of improvisations by Muhammad Qadri Dalal. Available for download here.

1. Taqsim, Maqam Hijaz an-Nawa
2. Taqsim, Maqam Bayati
3. Taqsim, Maqam Hijaz Kar Kurd at-Tshahar-Gah
4. Taqsim, Maqam Rahet al-Arwah et Maqam Awj 'Iraq
5. Taqsim, Maqam 'Ajam 'Ushayran
6. Taqsim, Maqam Husayni
7. Sama'i, Maqam Husayni

Maqāmat Insolites/Unwonted Maqāmat
(Inedit W260105)

This recording features a collection of maqamat which are now rarely used. Muhammad Qadri Dalal originates from Syria, and his oud playing is a mixture of Turkish and Arabic styles, reflecting the nature of Syrian music as a hybrid of the two traditions. The CD is accompanied by extremely detailed liner notes.

1. Maqām Husaynī 7:11
2. Maqām Nakrīz 8:34
3. Maqām Bastah Nkār 10:22
4. Maqām Kurd 'Atar 7:50
5. Maqām Dil Nishīn 4:59
6. Maqām Nawā 3:32
7. Maqām Māhūr 6:54
8. Maqām Shi'ār 8:50
9. Maqām Huzām 5:17
10. Tarkīb Jdīd 5:53


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