Yair Dalal
ياير دلال
/יאיר דלאל


Yair Dalal was born in Israel in 1955 into an Iraqi Jewish family. He studied violin at Givatayim Conservatory near Tel Aviv and in his early twenties he also began to play the oud. A decade later he went to live on Kibbutz Samar, at the southern end of the Arava Desert, where he began to play music with the Bedouin tribe 'Azazme. This experience inspired Dalal to write music that promotes peace between Israelis and Arabs, and he has devoted much of his musical life to this project ever since. As well as Iraqi and Jewish Arabic influences, his music also draws on elements of European classical music, jazz, blues, Balkan and Indian music. In the early 1990s Dalal began touring and recording both as a solo artist and with his band, Al Ol - a particular highlight of this period was writing and performing the song 'Zaman el Salaam' during the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, and Yasser Arafat in 1994. Since then he has performed worldwide and collaborated with leading musicians from around the globe. He has also taught in various institutes in Israel and overseas, and has worked towards preserving the musical heritage of the Babylonians and the Bedouin. Dalal has received a number of Israeli awards for his music, and in 2000 he was nominated for a Grammy award for his work with Jordi Savall’s ensemble.

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Selected Recordings

Al Ol
(Al Sur CDAL202)

A collection of studio and live recordings, which showcases the range of Yair Dalal's musical talent. Particular highlights are a couple of beautiful oud taqasim.

1. Al Ol 7:43
2. Taqsim Elijaho 9:47
3. Najemat el Shemal 4:05
4. Solo Arak 5:08
5. Taqsim Lami 4:57
6. Shacharut 16:37
7. Ein Radian - Taqsim 4:57
8. Sigalla 5:55
9. Zaman el Salaam (Time for Peace) 6:57

(Magda MGD114)

An album featuring oud taqasim and traditional music as well as compositions with vocals/percussion. The Iraqi Jewish composer Salah al-Kuwaiti is featured and there is also an oud duet with Youssef Ya'akov, who was a friend of Jamil Bashir.

1. Bagdad - Barcelona 10:53
2. Samai Lami (Zallach al Kuweiti) 6:13
3. Smartut Rakoum 5:28
4. Rabin 5:47
5. Mevasser Shalom 8:43
6. Ya Ribon Alam 5:05
7. Maqam Panjouka 13:36
8. Samar 14:09


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