Nikos Dimitriadis
Νίκος Δημητριάδης


Nikos Dimitriadis is from Thessaloniki in Greece. In 1980 he began to learn the guitar and became absorbed in Greek music, especially traditional songs and Rebetiko, which he performed both at home and abroad. He was introduced to the oud in 1994 by his father, taking lessons with Vassilis Casouras, and also began to explore the music of the Arab world, Turkey and Persia. This opened the way to his own compositions for solo oud and the recording of a CD, which was released in 2004. Nikos continues to broaden his studies of the oud and performs regularly, either as a solo artist or accompanied by percussion - in 2007 he gave a number of concerts in the eastern United States.

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Selected Recordings

Solo Oud
(Nikos Dimitriadis)

The debut CD from Nikos Dimitriadis is a mixture of taqasim and instrumental compositions. You can purchase the CD online from CD Baby.

1. Nihawand - Taqasim 7:46
2. The Soul of Oud - Instrumental 9:35
3. Bayati - Taqasim 6:06
4. Spirit of Freedom - Instrumental 10:05
5. Hijaz Kar Kurd - Taqasim 16:06
6. Ipiros - Instrumental 5:13
7. Nikriz - Taqasim 7:26

Oud - Strings of My Soul
(Nikos Dimitriadis)

Nikos's second CD combines the oud with traditional and modern instruments such as ney, kanun, Thracian bagpipes, Greek lyras and lutes, davul, violin, bass and guitar.

1. Spirit of Freedom 6:06
2. From Macedonia to Persia 4:36
3. Oriental Elf 3:36
4. Desert Flower 3:28
5. Cretan Music Fountain 5:28
6. Taqasim Maqam Nikriz 8:04
7. Paths of Pontos 3:53
8. The Soul of Oud 4:24
9. Thracian Outburst 4:12
10. In Harmony with Heart 2:28
11. Oud Prayer (Taqasim Maqam Ussak) 10:24


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