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Ara Dinkjian was born in 1958 in New Jersey, USA into an Armenian family. His father Onnik Dinkjian was a well-known Armenian folk and liturgical singer, and the young Ara would often accompany him. He soon became proficient on the guitar, piano and dumbek and received a scholarship to attend the Hartt School, a performing arts conservatory in West Hartford, Connecticut, where he specialised in the oud. After graduating he began to work on his own compositions and in 1986 he formed the instrumental group Night Ark to play his unique mix of Anatolian roots music and jazz. The same year they secured a recording contract and their debut album 'Picture' was released. This was the first of five Night Ark albums, but Ara also featured as a guest artist and composer on a number of other recordings. He also performed at oud festivals in Thessaloniki and Jerusalem, and more recently as part of an oud trio with Mavrothi Kontanis and Zafer Tawil.

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Selected Recordings

Peace on Earth
(Krikor Music KM 5052)

A selection of works by Armenian, Greek, Turkish, Arab, and Jewish composers recorded live at the Jerusalem Oud Festival in 2007.

1. Urfa Divan 3:57
2. Bir Gün Olacak 6:16
3. Mandilatos 3:26
4. Erangi 3:29
5. Kamancha - Yis Kou Ghimetn Chim Giti 3:11
6. Ferafeza Longa 3:40
7. Mahur Saz Semai 7:06
8. Bint El Balad 10:34
9. Vart Kaghelen Goukas Yar - Al Ayloughus Gorav 3:36
10. Beyati Saz Semai 12:01
11. Bu akşam gün batarken gel - Kara bulutları kaldır aradan - Benliyi Aldım Kaçaktan 4:35
12. Adanayi Vokhpuh 2:13

Conversations with Manol
(Krikor Music KM 5053)

This CD of solo oud music is a single-take recording made on a 1907 Manol oud, and was recorded by Dinkjian as a background soundtrack for a friend's poetry recitation.

1. Elements 5:15
2. Dialogue 3:50
3. Tools 5:23
4. Construction 3:40
5. Tone 8:10
6. Players 3:20
7. Reflection 8:01
8. Frequencies 3:32
9. Future 7:44
10. Silence 3:32


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