Mohammad-Rezâ Ebrâhimi
محمد رضا ابراهیمی


Mohammad-Rezâ Ebrâhimi was born in 1971 and studied music at the Tehran Art University, where his teachers included Majid Derakhshâni, Arshad Tahmâsebi, Mohammad-Rezâ Lotfi and Hushang Zarif. He subsequently recorded and performed with Hossein Alizadeh, and was a member of various Persian classical music ensembles. Ebrâhimi currently teaches at the Tehran Art University and the Music Conservatory of Tehran. As well as the oud, he also plays the tar, setar and divan.



Selected Recordings

(Mahoor Records MCD 241)

A solo oud recording of improvisational zarbi (rhythmic) pieces.

1. Pishdarâmad-e Homâyun 2:24
2. Chand-Zarbi-e Homâyun 4:55
3. Âvâz in Darâmad 2:07
4. Piece in Bayât-e Râje 1:35
5. Modulation to Shur and Dashti 4:50
6. Zarbi-e Dashti 3:48
7. Piece in Shur 3:07
8. Modulation to Chahârgâh 2:10
9. Haft-Zarbi-e Chahârgâh 2:37
10. Modulation to Homâyun 2:41
11. Piece in Homâyun 4:31
12. Moqaddame-ye Segâh 4:40
13. Piece in Segâh 3:49
14. Âvâz-e Muye 2:02
15. Reng-e Segâh 3:40


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