Taiseer Elias
تيسير الياس
/תייסיר אליאס


Taiseer Elias was born in the Israeli Arab village of Shafram, and is regarded as the leading figure in classical Arab music in Israel. He holds an MA and PhD in ethnomusicology from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and was the founder of the Orchestra of Classical Arab Music in Israel. As well as recording with the Ziryab Trio, he has produced several CDs with the Israeli group Bustan Abraham. He is currently head of the Eastern Music Department at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, a professor in the Musicology Department at Bar Ilan University and director of Arab music education in the Education Ministry in Israel. He also lectures, performs and conducts workshops and masterclasses worldwide.


Selected Recordings

Oriental Art Music/Mashreq Classics (Ziryab Trio)
(Nada Productions NADA 10)

This CD features Taiseer Elias on oud, Nassim Dakwar on violin, and Zohar Fresco on percussion (with several guest performers). The recording is of a live performance in which the trio perform a selection of classical pieces of Middle Eastern music by some of the greatest composers. Excellent liner notes accompany the CD.

1. Longa Riad Riad al-Sunbati 2:52
2. Sihr al-Sharq (Magic of the Orient) Abd al-Mun'im al-Hariri 9:26
3. Chutwat Habibi (Steps of my Beloved) Muhamad Abd al-Wahab 4:39
4. Taqsim Qanoun in Homayun Mode Avraham Salman 4:58
5. Sama'i Shat Araban Tanburi Cemil Bey 7:40
6. Zikrayati (My Memories) Muhamad al-Qasabji 6:58
7. Sama'i Nahawand Mas'ud Cemil Bey 15:51
8. Riqq Solo Zohar Fresco 2:58
9. Sama'i Farahfaza Tanburi Cemil Bey 9:37
10. Suzinak Sakiz Kasap Oyun Havasi Turkish Traditional 2:02


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