Ehsan Emam
إحسان الأمام


Ehsan Emam was born in Baghdad, Iraq and in 1986 he graduated from the Music Institute in Baghdad, where he studied under Salem Abdel Karim, Rawhi Al-Khammash and Munir Bashir. In 1997 he moved to London, where he taught oud and Arab music at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Emam released his debut CD, 'Bein Al-Nahrain' in 2006 and he gives regular performances in the UK as well as private oud lessons.


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Selected Recordings

Bein Al-Nahrain
(Ehsan Emam)

A selection of mainly instrumental pieces in various maqamat.

1. Bein Al-Nahrain (Nahawand) 8:38
2. Taqasim Rast 4:18
3. Taqasim Hijaz Kar 4:47
4. Raqs Al-Mahaba (Bayat) 4:35
5. Samra (Ajam) 5:58
6. Bedayat Hob (Nahawand) 4:47
7. Taqasim Saba 4:01
8. Taqasim Lami 3:03
9. Rabaitak Zgeiroun 3:15


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