Hassan Erraji
حسن الراجي


Hassan Erraji was born in the village of Tazart, south of Marrakech, Morocco. He was introduced to the traditional music of the Atlas mountains at an early age by Berber musicians and went on to perform with local folk bands and classical musicians, despite having lost his sight at the age of six. He was later admitted to the Conservatory of Music in Casablanca, where he studied the oud and classical Arab music. On graduating, Erraji moved to Brussels in Belgium and was admitted to the Royal Institute for the Blind to study Braille music notation and piano. While in Brussels he also enrolled at the Academie de Musique de Woluwe St Lambert to learn the classical violin and piano. He subsequently embarked on a career a professional musician, performing and recording as both a solo artist and a member of the Arabesque trio. He has also collaborated with a number of musicians from Europe and North Africa, and composed music for film, radio, theatre and television.


Selected Recordings

Music for the Arabian Dulcimer & Lute
(Saydisc CD-SDL 415)

A selection of pieces for oud and qanun, some instrumental and others accompanied by vocals.

1. Badru Zuhur (Oud solo) 2:37
2. Nida Insan (Song accompanied by Q'Anoon) 3:49
3. Zubida (Song accompanied by Oud) 4:27
4. Altaf (Oud solo) 4:36
5. Taqsim Ajam Kabir (Q'Anoon solo) 10:04
6. Moulana (Song accompanied by Oud) 5:56
7. Salaam (Song accompanied by Q'Anoon) 4:49
8. Taqsim Ráad (Oud solo) 6:42
9. Munawaat Ahlam (Q'Anoon solo) 13:26


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