Yasəf Eyvazov


Yasəf Eyvazov grew up in a musical family and began to learn the tar from an early age. However, after seeing the well-known Azeri oud player Əhsən Dadaşov on television, he decided to change instruments. Yasef's sister Şəfiqə, a professional kamança player, brought him an oud back from Lebanon and he began to teach himself from recordings of Dadaşov and the Turkish and Arab music he heard on the radio. Eventually he became good enough to join Dadaşov's ensemble, which enabled him to develop his technique further. Eyvazov went on to perform with several other ensembles and taught oud at the National Conservatory. He also developed an interest in jazz, which led to collaborations with Azeri jazz musicians on a number of recordings and concerts in several European countries.


Selected Recordings

Back to Baku

This innovative jazz recording sees Yasəf Eyvazov join up with Nadir Talibov on balaban and tütek as well as Ramin Sultanov on nagara and percussion. Special guest are Yasəf's sister, Şəfiqə Eyvazova, on kamança and Rəşad İlyasov on kanun

1. Ay dilbər 2:49
2. Maralım 4:45
3. İntro 1:29
4. Segah r
əngi 6:07
5. Rahab r
əngi 3:57
6. İntro 1:50
7. Azad bir quşdum 3:11
8. Olmaz-olmaz 6:54
9. İntro 1:51
10. Sarı g
əlin 5:10
11. İntro 2:22
12. Sar
ənc təsnifi 3:42
13. Az
ərbaycan maralı 5:21
14. Gadan alım 1:56
15. Aslanın mahnısı 5:13


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