İsmail Fencioğlu


İsmail Hakki Fencioğlu was born in Turkey in 1968. He was introduced to the oud at the age of thirteen, when he was given an instrument by his uncle. He began playing oud professionally in 1986 at the Conservatory in Bursa, and the following year he entered the Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory, specialising in classical Turkish singing. He gave numerous performances on Turkish television while still a student and was a member of the State Classical Turkish Music Chorus. After graduating he was employed as an arranger and composer in various recording studios. Around this time he met the oud maker Mustafa Copçuoğlu, with whom he worked for almost a year as an apprentice. İsmail then set up his own oud workshop at home, building his first oud in 1991. A decade later he moved to Canada, where he was appointed conductor of Montreal Turkish Music Chorus and the Ottawa Turkish Music Chorus. His instrument building also flourished and over the next ten years he produced more than seventy ouds. İsmail has also broadened his musical horizons, collaborating with harmonica player Jason Rosenblatt in the Shtreiml project and contributing oud and vocals to the multicultural OktoEcho ensemble. His current project is Duo Turco with kanun player Didem Başar.

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