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Dražen Franolić was born in 1961 in Biograd na Moru, a small town in Croatia. An early interest in music, especially jazz and flamenco, led to him taking up the guitar; then in his late twenties he discovered Middle Eastern music, which inspired him to study the oud. He recorded his first album, 'Waterfalls' in 1986 with saxophonist Gorše and percussionist Jurica Ugrinović. This was followed by several more albums during the 1990s, during which time the band toured throughout Europe. Dražen's first solo recording, 'Molobadzi', appeared in 2001, after which he continued to broaden his musical horizons, releasing several live albums with India tabla player Nimai Roy. His most recent project is a trio, 'Franolić-Jovanović-Ćulap', which performs original compositions inspired by Arab, Turkish, Balkan and Indian music, as well as blues and jazz. Dražen plays exclusively ouds built by Croatian luthier Alojzije Seder.

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Selected Recordings

(Geenger Records)

On this recording, Dražen teams up with percussionist Kamenko Ćulap. It is available as a CD or digital download from Bandcamp.

1. Bujrum 5:19
2. Vrelo 4:58
3. Sab-A'a 3:49
4. Jasmin 4:37
5. Put 3:08
6. Karavana 4:51
7. Al-Batra 3:48
8. Sablja 2:50
9. Stade se cvijeće rosom kititi 3:13
10. Mahala 2:50
11. Hum/Vrt 4:53

(Geenger Records)

For his latest album, Dražen and percussionist Kamenko Ćulap are joined by Marko Jovanović on harmonica. This recording is also available in several formats from Bandcamp

1. Jasmin 4:31
2. Sab-A'a 4:15
3. Moj behare 5:36
4. Sablja 3:40
5. Vrelo 4:04
6. Kanjira 4:25
7. Put 5:05
8. Stade se cvijeće rosom kititi 4:44
9. Bujrum 4:47
10. Hum 2:54


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