Babak Ghassali
بابک غسالی


Babak Ghassali is an oud player from Tehran, Iran. I have been unable to find any more biographical information, but if you can help then please email me.



Selected Recordings

Tonbak and Barbat Improvisation
(Shebli Records)

Ghassali is joined by Behnam Masoumi on tonbak for what the CD liner notes describe this as an improvisation based on modulation in Iranian music rather than an interpretation of the radif.

1. Nava 9:24
2. Zarbi-e-Nava 20:43
3. Mahour 13:05
4. Esfehan 4:57
5. Zarbi-e-Esfehan 12:45
6. Bayat-e-Tork 7:50


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