Wisam Gibran
وسام جبران


Wisam Gibran was born in Nazareth, Israel in 1970. His father began to teach him the violin from the age of four, and he subsequently studied violin and piano at Haifa Conservatory. At the age of sixteen he also discovered the oud. Gibran went on to study music at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, followed by the 'Hanns Eisler' School of Music in Berlin. He is a prolific composer, and as well as solo oud music, concertos and vocal and chamber works, he has also written music for film, theatre and opera. His works have been performed at festivals in Europe, the USA, Canada, Israel and Jordan, and he has also performed as a soloist on oud and violin around the world. Recently collaborations include an acoustic duo with Israeli classical guitarist Yuval Avital, as well as a jazz quartet with flute and saxophone, double bass and percussion.




Selected Recordings

(BEAUX 2027)

This is the debut recording from Wisam Gibran, subtitled "Compositions for Oud Solo 1996-1998", seems to be strongly influenced by the Baghdad school, especially Naseer Shamma.

1. Exile 6:31
2. The Eighth Heaven 8:54
3. Uruk 7:26
4. A Head 5:39
5. Fragments of a Mosaic 4:26
6. Veil 4:47
7. Canaan Love Story 7:35


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