H. Aram Gulezyan


Harry Aram Gulezyan was born in Armenia, but fled the country at the turn of the century following Turkish persecution of Armenians. In 1952 he was invited by the Prime Minister of Egypt, Mohammed Naguib, to lecture and give recitals in Egypt. Gulezyan subsequently moved to the United States, settling in New York and promoting Near and Middle Eastern culture. He passed away at his home in Tucson, Arizona in 2008 at the age of 101.


Selected Recordings

The Oud: Music of the Near and Middle East
(Lyrichord LYRCD 7160)

Originally released on LP it has now been reissued on CD. The disc begins with a Pharaonic Egyptian piece from a 2000 year old Coptic text. There follow a number of pieces of Armenian, Arabian, Kurdish and Turkish origin - these vary from oud solos to lively dances with a full instrumental group.

1. Pharaonic Egyptian - Oud Solo 6:57
2. Oushak Taksim - Oud Solo 3:41
3. Mevlevi Chefti 3:11
4. Orientale 2:14
5. Danse Arabe 3:36
6. Saz Samahi - Oud Solo 4:05
7. Leb-Leb Bouji 3:00
8. Danse Kurte 2:42
9. Hey Laren 3:04
10. Hehr Sabaktan 3:20
11. Karoon - Oud Solo 2:56
12. Chefti-Telli, or "Double Strings" 3:16

Exotic Music for the Oud
(Lyrichord LYRCD 7455)

This was also released originally on vinyl. A very unusual album on which Gulezyan plays Indian instruments, the sarod and sultania, as well as the oud. He is also joined by harpist David L. Shaul for the last three tracks (which did not appear on the LP).

1. Bayaty - Jannig dance (oud and drums) 6:04
2. Istanbul (oud and ensemble) 3:44
3. Bir Isee (oud, ensemble and sultania) 2:46
4. Cefti Telli (oud and ensemble) 3:47
5. Leila (oud and ensemble) 3:58
6. Oud Improvisations (oud solo) 4:10
7. English Ballad - Rippling Brook (oud solo) 2:34
8. Country Gardens (oud solo) 1:18
9. Algeria (oud and guitar) 3:55
10. Dance Kartikeyya (sarod) 3:14
11. Sultania Samahi (sultania solo) 4:51
12. Raga Behag (sarod) 5:25
13. Hejaz (oud and harp) 4:58
14. Round Dance (oud and harp) 3:00
15. Fantasie Arabe (oud and harp) 7:03


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