Attab Haddad
عتاب حداد


Attab Haddad was born in England into an Iraqi family. Although he initially embarked on a career in business and finance, in his mid twenties he decided to retrain as a sound engineer. It was during this time that he first discovered the oud and after graduating with a diploma in Sound Engineering he began to take lessons with Iraqi oud player Ahmed Mukhtar in London. As his interest and ability grew, he travelled to Egypt to study with the Egyptian oud player Nihad El-Sayed and the Iraqi virtuoso Naseer Shamma at the 'Beit al-Oud' in Cairo. On returning to the UK, he enrolled on a Master’s program at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, in Music Performance, graduating in 2006 with a distinction. In 2008 he founded the Attab Haddad Ensemble to perform his own compositions influenced by Middle Eastern music, flamenco and jazz, and they released their debut CD 'Days Distinctive' in early 2012. Attab Haddad has also collaborated with many other artists in a wide variety of genres, and seen his work featured on radio and television at home and abroad. He has performed in many European countries, as well as the USA, Middle East and India.

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Selected Recordings

Days Distinctive
(Weave Records WVR 006)

A fantastic contemporary oud album showcasing Attab Haddad's virtuoso talent via a series of original compositions for oud, strings, percussion, flute, piano and guitar.

1. Awakening 7:15
2. Looking at the Wind 7:23
3. Oh Georgina 7:28
4. Days Distinctive 7:19
5. Por Que? No Se! 4:45
6. Por Tangos 4:55
7. Longa-esque 7:47
8. Clock 6:44
9. Aire Del Oud 3:55
10. Days Distinctive (Live) 10:13
11. Goldilocks' Porridge 4:10


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