Ghanim Haddad
غانم حداد


Ghanim Haddad was born in the Al Rusafa district of Baghdad, Iraq in 1925. He entered the Music Institute and spent three years studying the violin; unfortunately a sports injury left him with a broken arm and on the advice of Şerif Muhiddin Targan he switched to learning the oud. After graduating from the Institute with a diploma he took up the violin once more alongside the oud, and was soon performing on Radio Baghdad and composing furiously. In 1956 he was appointed as an instructor of oud and violin at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, and soon rose to become head of the music section; this was one of many prestigious apointments that he would hold over the years. As well as performing in the Middle East, he also gave concerts in Europe, the United States, the Soviet Union and Pakistan. The archive of Radio Baghdad contains numerous recordings of his music and his compositions have been taught for many years in Iraqi music schools. Ghanim Haddad passed away in Jordan in 2012, although his legacy is continued by his four children, who are all musicians.


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