André Hajj
أندريه الحاج


André Hajj was born in Lebanon in 1967 into a family of musicians. He began studying music at the age of fifteen, and obtained a diploma in oud performance from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, before joining the teaching staff there in 1989. He became a professor at the National Conservatory of Music in Lebanon in 1995, and subsequently became the first oud player in the Conservatory's Orient-Arabic Orchestra. In 2003 he formed the group Amaken to perform traditional Lebanese music and he currently gives regular concerts both as a solo artist and member of various ensembles/orchestras.



Selected Recordings

Amaken - Instrumental Music from Lebanon
(Arc Music EUCD 2219)

This recording from André Hajj and his ensemble consists of traditional Lebanese music played on oud, buzuq, qanun, nay and Arabic percussion.

1. Amaken 3:01
2. Mafra' Tari 3:45
3. Mah' Iqaa 2:50
4. Dafa 4:26
5. Ahl el Hayy 4:21
6. Raqsa 1:28
7. Mir 5:15
8. Shwayyet Hobb 2:53
9. Tishreen 5:28
10. Raheel 3:57
11. Khawater 2 5:33
12. Zarkafand 6:35


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