Ali Hassan
علي حسن


Ali Hassan was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1967. He entered the Music Institute in Baghdad, where he studied under the famous oud player Ali Al-Imam and graduated with a diploma in 1991. He also went on to obtain a Bachelor of Musical Sciences degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baghdad University in 1997. He later worked as an oud teacher at the Music Institute before moving to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where he currently lives and teaches oud. Ali Hassan also gives online oud lessons via the Arabic-language website

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Selected Recordings

Taqaseem Ala AlOud
(Music Box International MBCD 228)

This album presents a selection of improvisations on traditional Iraqi maqamat.

1. Maqam Nahawand 6:26
2. Maqam Khanabat 4:52
3. Maqam Huzam 4:48
4. Maqam Dasht 5:57
5. Tour Reefy Mohammadawiy 3:29
6. Maqam Kurd 7:24
7. Maqam Rust 8:14
8. Maqam Hamaion 6:19
9. Maqam Ajam 3:41


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