Sakher Hattar
صخر حتر


Sakher Musa Hattar was born in Amman, Jordan in 1963 and grew up in the nearby town of Fuhais. In 1984 he graduated with a diploma in Architectural Engineering from the Arab Community College in Amman, and ten years later he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music (specialising in oud) from Yarmouk University. He was awarded first prize in an international oud competition in Cairo in 1993. He is currently chairman of the Arab Music Section and Oud Instructor at the Jordan National Music Conservatory, and is also part of the team that writes music textbooks for the Ministry of Education. He also founded and directs the Al Fuhais Troupe for the Revival of Heritage, which received the State Encouragement Award in 1992. Hattar has given concerts in many countries of Europe and the Middle East, both as a solo artist and with the Al Nagham Al Arabi ensemble and with various orchestras. He has also performed in the United States, where he collaborated with the Minnesota-based world music ensemble Crossing Borders.


Selected Recordings

Crossing Borders with Sakher Hattar in Concert
(Sindbad Center)

A live recording of a concert in Minneapolis on 12th September 1993, in which Sakher Hattar joins the local world ensemble Crossing Borders for a programme of classical Arab music.

1. Lonja Riadh Esumbati 3:12
2. Violin Taxim / What Can I Do Moshahad 4:44
3. Oud Taxim / Fill My Cup (with love) Moshahad 7:20
4. Everything I See In You Is Beautiful Moshahad 3:05
5. You Can Do What You Want Komel Khalai 7:16
6. The Deer of Thaqeef Valley Tareeq Abdel Hakeem 5:25
7. Violin Taxim / Memories Mohammed il Qasabehi 5:48
8. Mischevious Loser Foad Al Mistiqawi 4:56
9. Oud Solo Lonja Sultan Yeka Yorgo Afandi / Samai Shadaraban Khalid Mohammed Ali 5:20
10. Violin Taxim / When First He Moved For Me / Intoxicated With Your Kiss Moshahad 7:24
11. Play Me A Song Sayyed Darweesh 2:35
12. I'll Follow My Love Taufeeg Al Nimrry 4:13
13. Oud Taxim 1:22


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