Naji Hilal
ناجي هلال


Naji Hilal was born at Kernayel, Lebanon into a musical family and began to teach himself the oud at the age of six. His early influences were Marcel Khalife and Ziad Rahbani and he soon found himself playing in local bands. He later emigrated to the United States, where he currently performs and teaches Middle Eastern music.

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Selected Recordings

Oud Improvisation

A solo oud recording featuring taqasim in various Arabic maqamat.

1. Nahawand Sol (G) 3:30
2. Ajam Do (C) 2:33
3. Bayati Sol (G) 3:23
4. Siga Si (B half flat) 5:16
5. Farahfaza (G) 4:10
6. Hijaz Re (D) 3:40
7. Hijaz Sol (G) 4:12
8. Nahawand La (Am) 3:44
9. Hijazz Kar (G) 4:23
10. Rast (C) 5:29
11. Rast (F) 4:19
12. Ajam Mi (E flat) 3:08


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