Amos Hoffman
עמוס הופמן


Amos Hoffman was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1970. He began playing guitar at the age of six, but on his eighth birthday his father presented him with an oud. He began to teach himself the oud, and later went on to study guitar at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. After completing his studies he moved first to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and then at the age of twenty he travelled to New York, where he would spend the next ten years working with jazz musicians. He also began to study the oud formally with renowned Lebanese oud player Bassam Saba. In 1998 Hoffman recorded his first album, 'The Dreamer', which showcased his guitar skills via a series of jazz compositions. The following year he returned to Israel and the next decade saw him record two more CDs, this time with a more Middle Eastern flavour. He is currently based in Tel Aviv, but continues to perform internationally and also builds his own ouds.

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Selected Recordings

(Magda MGD 053)

On this album Hoffman pays homage to the traditions of classical Arabic music with a series of taqasim and original compositions inspired by the great Arab composers.

1. Third King 6:37
2. Takasim Nahawand 3:26
3. Samai Nahawand 3:53
4. Kiryat HaYovel 5:59
5. Na'ama 3:54
6. Takasim Higas 2:45
7. Takasim Rast 3:17
8. Samai Siga 3:42
9. Longa Abu Musa 4:15
10. Takasim Rayat 3:98
11. Shargia 2:44
12. Lonely Sands 3:18


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