Nasser Houari
ناصر الهواري


Nasser Houari was born in Rabat, Morocco in 1975 and studied at the city's Conservatoire National de Musique from 1985 until 1997. Alongside his musical studies he also obtained a Doctorate in Pharmacy. From the age of fifteen he also began to compose music, and as well as classical Arab pieces, he has also written music for film and theatre. He has appeared at numerous festivals in Europe and the Middle East and has received several prizes, most notably the 'Zyriab des Virtuoses' in 2009 awarded by UNESCO.

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Selected Recordings

Takassim Oud

A beautiful recording of taqasim in a series of Arab maqamat.

1. Takassim Rast 5:00
2. Takassim "Pensées" 21:28
3. Takassim "Wassla" 12:23
4. Takassim Hijazkar Kurd 6:47
5. Takassim "Rosée" 5:00
6. Takassim Nahawand 5:44
7. Takassim Rahat Al Arouah 3:35
8. Takassim "Nassma" 1:46


This recording contains a number of compositions for oud and percussion.

1. Samai Nahawand 7:11
2. Ryad 3:24
3. Longa Nahawand 1:49
4. Samai Bayati 7:50
5. Longa Farahfaza 7:25
6. Samai Rast "Ahlam" 6:32
7. Longa Hijazkar Kurd 7:22
8. Yaoum Jamil 7:56
9. Takssim "Hanine" (Nostalgie) 6:55


This CD is a combination of instrumental versions of songs by Umm Kulthum and taqasim, featuring Yassine El Mahi on percussion.

(No track listing provided with CD)


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