Hüseyin İpek


Hüseyin İpek was born in 1964 in the Tokat region of Turkey. He began teaching himself the bağlama at an early age and at school he also took up the cümbüş. In 1983 he moved to Ankara and three years later he passed the TRT Ankara Radio entrance examination which allowed him to take up a post as oud player and singer with TRT Erzurum Radio. In 1995 he moved to TRT Ankara Radio and toured many European and Asian countries with the orchestra as both a musician and conductor. He subsequently worked with a number of Turkish choirs and orchestras and has taught at Çankaya University and the Etimesgut Municipal Conservatory in Ankara. In 2011 he moved to İstanbul when he was appointed as an oud player with TRT İstanbul Radio.


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