Joubran Trio
الثلاثي جبران


The Joubran Trio consists of brothers Samir, Wissam and Adnan Joubran. They were born in Nazareth (Israel/Palestine) into a musical family - their father is a well-known oud maker and their mother is a singer. Samir Joubran was born in 1973 and began to learn oud with his father at the age of five, and at the age of nine he went on to study at the Music Institute in Nazareth. He later graduated from the Mohamed Abdul Wahab Conservatory in Cairo and recorded a couple of solo oud albums. For his third album, Samir was joined by his brother Wissam. Wissam was born in 1983 and was inspired by his father and elder brother to also take up the oud, eventually becoming the firs Arab to graduate from the prestigious Antonio Stradivari Conservatory in Cremona, Italy. Like his father before him, he is also a master luthier and builds all of the Trio's ouds. The youngest of the three brothers, Adnan, was born in 1985 and initially became interested in percussion instruments. However, he soon took up the oud as well and toured as a solo performer, before joining his brothers to form the Joubran Trio in August 2004.

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Selected Recordings

(Daqui 332015)

Samir and Wissam Joubran present a number of Arab pieces and improvisations for two ouds on their first recording together.

1. Khiyanat Mariha 4:11
2. Tamaas 7:49
3. Tanaas 6:05
4. Sama'e Bayat 7:30
5. Khalaas 10:18
6. Takaseem 6:36
7. Ramallah August 10th 10:09
8. El Nesf El Akhar/Astoria 9:08

(Fairplay/Randana LC11983)

The first recording to feature all three Joubran brothers - the trio perform a selection of their own compositions.

1. Hawas 6:04
2. Misage 4:53
3. Shagaf 9:02
4. Safar 18:03
5. Ahwak (live in Ramallah) 6:48

(Randana RAND 002)

The Joubran Trio's second recording sees them join up with percussionist Youssef Hbeisch.

1. Masâr 4:56
2. Roubbama 6:08
3. Laytana 4:20
4. Tanâsim I (Adnan) 4:21
5. Majâz 5:16
6. Shajan 5:19
7. Tanâsim II (Samir) 4:20
8. Sama-Sounounou 2:59
9. Min Zamân 4:50
10. Tanâsim III (Wissam) 3:51
11. Hawâna 4:20

(World Village WV 479056)

Another fantastic recording which once again features Youssef Hbeisch on percussion, but this time includes guest vocals by Dhafer Youssef on two tracks.

1. Nawwâr 4:36
2. Zawâj El Yamâm 6:12
3. Dawwâr El Shams 3:50
4. Douja 6:23
5. Sama Cordoba 4:56
6. AsFâr 15:01
7. Masâna 7:12

Borders Behind
(World Village WVF 479084)

Adnan Joubran's debut solo recording fuses traditional Middle Eastern music with Indian music, flamenco, jazz and classical music, and also features Prabhu Edouard on tabla, Valentine Moussou on cello, Javier Sanchez on cajón and palmas, and Jorge Pardo on saxophone.

1. Borders Behind 3:33
2. Signs of Madness 5:04
3. That Moment When... 4:12
4. Never Been There 3:38
5. My Way Home 5:58
6. La Danse de la Veuve 6:05
7. I Wish I Were a Tree 4:32
8. Beat the Dream 3:31
9. Mientras Espero 5:23


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